Available for Immediate Hire:

Nickolas Poulin, PMI-PBA, LSSGB

Analyst Experienced in Providing Mindful Insights into

Business, Healthcare, & Information Technology

Who says a jack of all trades must be a master of none?

• I've worked for clients and employers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and from national ambulatory surgery management companies to single physician's practices.

• I have taken a hands on approach to learning everything there is to know about executive management, accounting, business analysis, process improvement, supply chain, human resources, medical billing and coding, as well as hardware and software design, project management, documentation, programming, installation, training, maintenance, support, and more.

• Working for multiple startups has granted me the opportunity to take on a multitude of roles, including planning new business ventures, designing new products, streamlining processes, writing code, driving sales presentations, and leading various project teams.

• After studying economics, finance, and management in college, I've maintained a healthy curiosity on the subjects, and keep up to date with the latest developments in these fields through books and podcasts.

• And by all trades, I do mean many, as I was once a licensed CPR and First Aid instructor, am currently a licensed automotive HVAC technician, and have a great deal of hands on experience in professional fields as varied as construction trades (such as framing, wallboard installation, electrical, plumbing, and roofing), and medical and genetics research, as well as hobbies such as fermenting beer, kombucha, and pickled foods, designing smart home installations, and more athletic undertakings such as skiing, backpacking, and mountaineering.

• I am proud to have been described by multiple colleagues as a modern renaissance man and aspire to continue living up to that description in the future.


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"Nick and I worked together in enterprise project management, which required us to analyze solutions prior to and during implementation. He was one of the sharpest individuals I was fortunate to come across and he always delivered when he said he would. He is a great person to have on your team, as he knows what risks to look for that will affect the quality of the outcome of a solution implementation."

-Kyle Quarles




"Nickolas is trustworthy, responsible, and would be a great asset to any organization.


Nick and I worked together for over 4 years at HST. He designed an electronic health record to complement the company's existing ASC management software platform, worked with a team of nurses and technical staff to ensure proper workflow and regulatory needs were addressed. He also coordinated with and directly assisted the sales team, helping close many deals. Nick has great communication skills, flexibility, and adaptability. He is a quick learner, is a great teacher, tolerates stress well, is very creative, and has excellent decision making abilities. Nick has a wealth of knowledge of the healthcare industry specifically and so many more topics in general that we gave him the nickname "Mr Google". His deep diving analytical skills always helped myself and fellow co-workers to look at situations differently before solving the problem.


"Besides all of this, Nick is really just a great person, and if you're reading this, I hope you will get the opportunity to discover this for yourself."

-Hanna Park




"Having worked with Nick for over 5 years, I have nothing but good things to say about him. Time and time again, he has proven his ability to handle any situation put in front of him and always strives for perfection. When it came to technical problems, he earned the nickname "Inspector Clouseau" for his uncanny ability to always find the solution. When dealing with upset clients, he never lost his calm and was always able to mediate a resolution to their issues. This dedication to success made him a model employee.


Though Nick did not have a management position in title, he did have an unofficial leadership role. All of his peers in the department sought his advice and Nick was always there for them and quite comfortable in this position. I doubt that Nick will have any trouble finding success in whatever endeavor he may pursue and for these reasons I gladly offer him my recommendation."

-Jason Troiano




"I've known Nick personally and professionally from the very early days of AmkaiSolutions. I worked with him a long time in the same office and remotely. I can say his tenacity for problem solving does not differ in either environment. For those who don't know Nick well; he may initially come off shy, maybe reserved; but once you get to know him there is a depth of technical knowledge and such an ability to problem solve outside the realm of usual troubleshooting.


We at AmkaiSolutions, have brought him the most troublesome technical problems and he attacks each issue with resolve. Nick when he relocated to CA; showed us his ability to manage projects on the west coast and in the same demeanor, he attacked every project with the same determination.


Personally speaking, I wish Nick worked for me while at his tenure at AmkaiSolutions. I always enjoyed working with him because I always learned something from him. He is one of those people who are intelligent and obviously raised by good folks because he has an incredible sense of patience, the ability to make everyone around feel comfortable and part of a team. Nick is a true team player.


Personally, I would have Nick work for me anytime and anywhere. I am honored to call him a friend and colleague. Please contact me directly for any references for Nick Poulin. I would be glad to tell you how he can contribute to any team."

-Thomas Pinelli




"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nick. His technical knowledge as well as industry knowledge is a great asset to the company. In the face of irate clients, Nick has always maintained a proper demeanor and remained professional. What sticks out the most is his willingness to help others. Nick is always willing to share his knowledge and help other members of the team. He has lead several projects to successful fruition in which I was a part of. I would have him on my team anytime!"

-Jason Cardona




"It was a pleasure to work on a team with Nickolas during his tenure at Amkai. As a start-up company in its formative years, Amkai employees were relied upon to fill many roles which Nickolas did easily. His strengths in hardware and networking, client relationship building, and project life cycle played a crucial role in the development of the company. I believe Nickolas has a lot to offer any technology or software development company and would offer my recommendation without reservation."

-Lauren Moroniti




"I worked with Nick for a few years at Amkai. He did general support/training, but I often relied on him for technical advice with hardware and network issues. He was an excellent troubleshooter and we frequently worked together to solve clients' software/hardware issues. He was also helpful in mapping out some workflow issues in the software I was developing (AmkaiCharts). I'd recommend Nick for any development/support/training role in software."

-Jason Beach