I have spent years studying the workflow of surgery centers, physician's practices, and other medical facilities and during this time, I have focused my attention on the deployment of paperless electronic systems for all aspects of medical organizations.

Through this experience I have been able to take a hands on approach to learning everything there is to know about the design, programming, installation, training, maintenance, and support of medical and administrative software for ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals, physician’s practices, and large enterprises alike.

These skills have forged my expertise in everything from workflow optimization to client training and support, from business technology management to business and economic analysis, and even the basic "nuts and bolts" tasks of technical writing, quality assurance, and computer networking and hardware.

I continuously strive to ensure that my efforts achieve cost savings, competitive advantage, operational efficiencies, and overall business-IT alignment for my employers and clients.

I have been employed full time by HSTpathways for a number of years now, taking key roles in high-profile projects such as the development of a brand-new electronic health record, and as such, free time is hard to come by, however, feel free to contact me if there is anything I might be able to help you with.

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